About Me


I live daily in the fast paced corporate world chasing fast paced competitive business, but having grown up in Durban with technical studies, music and arts being part of my daily activities, the insight to see life through a camera soon crept into my life. 

My passion for photography came about quite simply. It was about the ability to capture a vision in its artistic format to share with others.

It was about capturing light in its unique format in simple and complex environments, the shapes and colour all as a unique vision the way I saw it.

Being a father of four, people, family, moments, emotions, life, inspirations in light and shapes, how could anyone not love capturing these?

Looking at light through my camera opens my mind into an area of escapade from the rat race I live in and seeing the results afterwards brings tranquillity into my sensors.


Being a perfectionist I’m driven by continued efforts to improve my photography by applying and learning new technical skills……seeing new results are just reward and gratification. Learning from other artist…..seeing their work and visions brings in so many emotional wow factors.

The photography world is packed with so many secrets which only I can discover by looking through my Camera…..no one can replace that vision in space. 

Photography it’s my drug to sanity.